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Based on traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho

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Reiki means “Universal life energy”. You can have access to Reiki via “attunement”. During the attunement, different energy centers (Chakras) and energy channels are opened/strengthened. This way you can have access to this energy and channel it through your hands. You can then “switch on” the energy, just by intention. Reiki can also be used on animals, plants, water, etc.

Reiki 1

Will open (or re-attune) you to Reiki, the universal life-force energy.

- History of Reiki

- 5 Precepts of Reiki

- 4 Attunements

- How to perform self-healing

- Basic hand positions

- How to protect yourself from energy drainage after sessions

- Practice

Duration: 2 days


Reiki 2

Will strengthen your connection to the Reiki energy.

- 1 Attunement

- Learn the 3 traditional Reiki symbols

- Mental healing

- Distance healing

- Practice

Duration: 2 days


Reiki Master

Will further strengthen your connection to the Reiki energy. 

- 1 Attunement

- Learn the Master symbol

- Learn the traditional way of performing the

Reiki 1, 2 & Master attunements

- Practice

Duration: 2 days



Q: I already have Reiki 1 or 2 from another teacher. Can I continue with you, without having to repeat the levels? 


A: Yes you can. Just know that I cannot vouch for the quality of your previous attunements, so as long as you have that in mind, you can.



Q: Are you a member of the Reiki Alliance?

A: No, because that would mean that I would have to charge you $10.000 for the Reiki Master level. While that is ok for some teachers (and I respect that), I did choose not to have that high fee. I do though respect the path of the Reiki Alliance, as some choose to go that way. I respect all the teachers, with different healing modalities. We are all different beings and we need different spiritual paths to take.



Q: Can I take Reiki 1, 2 and Reiki Master "in a row", during the 6 days of your workshops?

A: Yes you can.


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The necessary disclaimer: I do not claim that any attunements or systems I offer can heal or cure anything. Everything on this page is for entertainment purposes only. If you feel ill you should always consult a doctor.